Academic – Highlight

Academic – Highlight

I Wish I Had Known

I Wish I Had Known

The resources mentioned in the video: College Registrars: Writing Centres & Math Aid Centres : Approaching professors: Degree...

Starter kit

UofT Starter Kit

Where and when to buy textbooks? What to bring to class on the first day? Need new study spots on...

Cinema studies cropped

Advice from a few UofT Professors for First Year Students

A few UofT professors share their advice for first year students who may be nervous about asking for help.  ...


So explain this breadth requirement to me

The Breadth Requirement is a degree requirement that ensures that, by the time you graduate, you have some understanding of the...


How to choose first year courses

There are over 2000 courses offered every year in the FAS. That’s exciting and daunting. Here’s some help making choices:...