What are “Seminar 199s”?

The First-Year Seminar courses are also known as Seminar 199s. There’s about 120 of them. They include a lot of class participation.

Student reviews for these courses are characteristically positive.

Every Seminar 199 course has a three-letter designator that corresponds to its breadth category, followed by the number 199.

They’re taught by some of the Faculty’s leading scholars on some of their favourite topics. You can read the catchy titles and the complete course descriptions for all of them here:











XBC199Y  (The XBC199Y are all full courses count for a half-course in 2 Breadth categories)


You can also just type the course codes into the search engine of the Timetable to search titles and times they are offered.

You can sign up for First-Year Seminars starting 28 July 2016 on ACORN along with your other courses. But be sure to read the “Timetable instructions” drop-down menu on the Timetable for details about getting into these courses.

You can take a maximum of one full course from the Seminar 199s and one full course from the First-Year Foundations.

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