What is a Program of Study and do I have to enrol in one now?

It’s a degree requirement that student complete one of the following program requirements:

1 Specialist
2 Majors
1 Major and 2 Minors

You apply to your Programs of Study at the end of first year (or the end of the session in which you will complete 4.0 courses).

When choosing your first-year courses, you want to think about what programs might interest you.

  • Look at all the programs in the Calendar,
  • Browse the A-Z listing of Programs of Study to see brief descriptions, a little advice, and what first-year courses are required for all the Programs of Study.
  • Explore programs using this really helpful site called STEP INTO PROGRAMS.
  • Watch this video. It’s from July 2014. Just remember that the phrase “Subject POSt” is a synonym for Programs of Study.
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