What is the Credit/No Credit option?

In the FAS, you can designate up to 2.0 degree credits as Credit or No Credit (CR/NCR).

You have the option of doing this (or undoing it if you’re doing really well in the course!) any time from before the beginning of term through until the published deadline to drop the course, which is approximately three quarter of the way through the term (see Important Dates: 2016 Fall and 2017 Winter).

It’s a great option because:

  • You can experiment in an academic area that you may not be familiar with, or take a course that really interests you even if you’re not sure you’ll excel in it, and the grade will not appear on your academic record or your official transcript.
  • If you get at least 50% in course, you get the CR notation; if you get under 50%, the notation is NCR.
  • Because the grade does not appear on your academic record, it’s not included in your grade point average (GPA).
  • If you get the credit, it can be used as one of your 20.0 degree credits towards your degree.
  • CR/NCR courses satisfy Breadth Requirements.
  • Instructors do not know which students are taking the course for CR/NCR and which are taking it for a grade, so all students are assessed in the exact same way
  • If you’re doing well in the course and you want the grade instead of the CR/NCR, you can undo the designation up until the published date.


There are a few conditions:

  • The maximum number of courses that you can take for CR/NCR are 2.0 degree credits.
  • You have to be a degree student in order to take advantage of this option.
  • Some courses, like independent study courses, research courses, First-Year Seminars, or courses taken through a student exchange program cannot be designated CR/NCR.
  • A course that is CR/NCR cannot be used to fulfill program requirements – either admission to program or completion of program unless otherwise explicitly stated by the department.
  • And let’s hope this never happens, but if you happen to commit an academic offence in a course, the CR/NCR option cannot be used on that course.
  • If you eventually apply to a professional faculty, that faculty may ask you to get the FAS to report the grade you received in a CR/NCR course.


You can add or remove a CR/NCR option directly on ACORN after you enrol in the course.

Also on ACORN you can view your past and present CR/NCR selections.

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